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1 For 1: Only Add Govguam Holiday If Another Is Taken Off Calendar

24, 2014 | Editorials ADVERTISEMENT Lawmakers and the governor mustn't add another holiday to the government of Guam list without replacing one of the 11 holidays already on the calendar. A decade ago, senators, led by the late Speaker Tony Unpingco, removed Presidents Day, Good Friday, Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Discovery Day from the GovGuam holiday list to save money. This reduced the number of GovGuam holidays from 15 in a normal year and 16 in an election year, to 10 in a normal year and 11 in an election year. There now are 11 GovGuam holidays, after Martin Luther King Jr. Day was restored.
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National pastime, national holiday?

The day is already an unofficial holiday, but now it's time to make it official." Opening Day videos | Opening Day MLBlog Tom Kraus, director of Budweiser Brand Marketing at Anheuser-Busch InBev, said the White House technically has 60 days to respond once the petition is presented. Given that this is the national pastime, given the timing and given the history of presidential first pitches on Opening Day going back to William Howard Taft, let's just say this conversation already is underway, and there is a chance for unique news out of Washington. "We're working with them to accelerate that so we can get a quicker response," Kraus said. "Once we get a quicker notification, we will share that info with our Facebook friends and all the folks who have been engaged in this movement with us. Then from there, we are working on specific market activations to bring this to life and thank the community and the White House for hopefully making this an official holiday." Kraus thanked fans all over for jumping on this bandwagon, one that was seemingly pulled with the raw power of Clydesdales.
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'Make Opening Day a Holiday' reaches first goal

The MLB season-opening two-game series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks in Sydney will be played this weekend. (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft) BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Baseball fans have now stepped up to the proverbial plate, gathering enough signatures for a campaign to make baseball's opening day a national holiday. The petition for Budweiser's "Make Opening Day a Holiday" campaign was launched Feb. 24 with support from Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith. Fans are trying to get President Obama to declare opening day of the Major League Baseball season a day of national observance. The deciding signature, number 100,000, came from from a person in San Marcos, California. The decision now goes to the White House, where it may take up to 60 days.
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