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How To Dress: Holiday Cover-ups | Fashion | The Guardian

Rainy Weather Soaks Holiday Campers | NBC Connecticut

Donot overthink poolside outfits: this is a holiday, not ayacht-based promotional opportunity for your lifestyle range, so celebrity style rules do not apply. No, the hard part of packing is how to navigate the transitional hours. What you'll need for the shivery early-morning departure and the over-airconditioned plane; what to have on standby for a rubbish-weather day. Cheap, no-frills flying has turned our packing upside down. (Literally, if you're unlucky.) In the old days, you went away for a fortnight once a year with a huge suitcase full of "just in case" pieces, and maybe you got a dirty look at check-in when it weighed in at 28kg, but that was it. Now we travel more often, on shorter trips, with less stuff, and early mornings and late nights at airports are standard. No one wants to fail the undignified public weigh-in at check-in and end up unzipped and anxious under the gaze of a judgey queue; anyway, cabin baggage-only looks way more savvy than hanging around at the luggage carousel. I read lots of "helpful tips" from stylish travellers about how they take only acarry-on case to Barbados, while never leaving home without Diptyque candles, their own pillow, acashmere onesie, etc. Hmmm.
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I made my reservation 6 months ago I said I wasn't going to cancel it, Bowe explained. We're not going to go anywhere - we're troopers, said Sheilah Greene. Many did take off as soon as the storm hit. Its not as busy as it normally issome people pulled out, Hope Cotter added. Unfortunately the wet weather closed the nearby beach. We want to do some beaching that's the one thing we couldn't do, Tashima Bowe added. The weather also put a damper on businesses, including Rocky Neck Inn & Suites. Once people knew it was going to rain they had 48 hours to cancel their reservation, said the owner Steve Carpenteri. He told NBC Connecticut, there were a number of cancellations.
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BOX OFFICE: July 4th Pics Logjam After ‘Transformers’ And ‘Tammy’ In Lackluster Holiday - Yahoo Movies

Fan pages for Eric Bana and Olivia Munns are promoting the pic heavily and whats interesting is that there are a bunch of YouTube videos interviewing the author and former NYPD cop Ralph Sarchie that are reposting well, likely due to the marketing campaign tagline that states: Inspired by the actual accounts of an NYPD sergeant. Family films are battling it out as Fox/DreamWorksHow To Train Your Dragon 2 and Relativitys Earth to Echo each are expected to take around $14M+ for the five-day. NOTEWORTHY: I noticed that some commenters were wondering about the performance of a couple of other pics this weekend, namely TWCs Begin Again and Radius Snowpiercer. Okay, so, here we go: Begin Again, which stars Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightleystarted rolling out on 175 screens Wednesday in the top 45 markets after a solid opening last weekend. It had an A- CinemaScore and was 76% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. This film from writer/director John Carney (Once) is expected to take in around $1.38M for the three-day which gives it an excellent per screen of around $8K. Its a date movie so counter-programming during the summer.
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